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Assembly – Process Air  + Gas
  • Consumption controlling
  • Assuring constant production conditions
  • Cost allocation
  • Online monitoring
  • Recording
  • Alarm
General utilization – Compressed Air
  • Dry compressed air
  • Constant supply
  • Cost allocation


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Ulrich Staudinger, Thomas Gleissner, Philipp Höffler
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About the team

Our story

Since its founding in 2005, CS Instruments has developed and produced quality and innovative measurement technology for compressed air systems and gases. As a German manufacturer, we place great value on quality products and customer-friendly services. For us, service means being close to our clients, finding customer specific solutions and reacting quickly when it’s required. This is achieved through our international presence; with main locations in Germany (Buggingen) and China (Shenzhen) as well as several subsidiaries in both countries. We ensure, together with our long-term partners, that customers are served promptly and professionally.

In this context I would like to point out that the cooperation with the same name European partner, CS Instruments GmbH has been stopped.

In the future, to ensure that all customers in Europe and America can identify our measurement technology and services clearly, we decided to serve these markets under the brand name CS-iTEC. In Asia, we will continue our established name CS Instruments, but we will use our brand CS-iTEC for new products. This enables our long-standing customers in Asia to slowly get used to this brand.

Except for a few merchandise products, all CS products are developed and manufactured by us.

We are able to bring together the German pursuit of precision and quality with the Asian drive for innovation and speed. We believe these are the best credentials for innovative, marketable and practical measurement technology. Our collaborations with leading institutes and universities also support and promote our technological edge.

CS-iTEC and CS Instruments stand for:

  • The company founders have over 25 years experience
  • Trusted worldwide proven measurement technology
  • Outstanding customer service with short response time


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Sensor Production Germany


Thomas Gleissner and his son Simon
Heading the German operation


Product Development
in international teams


Johanna is testing sensors in the German production.